About Us

About Us

About us

Ancuc (stands for Admission Network of Chinese Universities and Colleges) is a professional online network that links international students with Chinese universities and colleges.

Though newly founded (2014), Ancuc has established wide connection with a big part of the best universities in China. Now we are able to offer over 50,000 programs provided by around 400 universities and colleges.

ANCUC Vision

Ancuc believes that young people owns the future world, and in the coming future, China needs more than ever to prove herself to the world. Ancuc aims to help all the international students find an ideal program in an ideal Chinese university in an ideal city, and to help the universities find ideal students they need. In other words, Ancuc serves to link the future world with China.

ANCUC Mission

Ancuc strives to offer plentiful choices and professional services for both students and universities, to make the admission process easier, faster, and trustworthy.